Rules and regulation

1. This project officially ended on 12 December 2009.

2. If you posted anything or edited anything, please credit yourself as the author.

3. Please just favorite this blog for teammates.

4. Do not link in blog to keep in confidential to other FYP team. (Now you have the right to link it to your blog. :)

5. For outsiders visiting this blog, please do not copy any of our contents or photographs without all our teammates permission. Offenders will be reported.

6. Lastly, please practice PROFESSIONALISM.

7. To copy logbook:
meeting 1 - 13 august

Let's just talk talk~

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Friday, November 6, 2009

meeting 30 - 3 november

time: 4.30pm - 6pm
all present except ainah

- tlc run 2
did tlc run 2 to comfirm the result done at tlc run 1.

- process:

- result:

meeting 29 - 30 october

(aina, fadh, shila):
arfa left early:
py absent

1. make trolox solution
0.0015g into 50ul h20

2. label the plate
+, -, L, G

3. put ?ul of each solvent onto TLC plate

4. pour toluene and ethyl ecetate into a beaker and cover with aluminium foil. fill until half of the pencil marking on the tlc plate.

5. run the plate until almost near the top. draw a line.

6. air dry the plate

7. immerse in 5% ethanolic sulphuric acid and then 1% ethanolic vanillin.

8. heat the tlc plate on hotplate until color spot appear.



please interpret together.

meeting 28 - 28 october

time: someone please tell the time at tagboard.
attendance: all present except py.

Discussion with aliza before running TLC.
Someone please update this.