Rules and regulation

1. This project officially ended on 12 December 2009.

2. If you posted anything or edited anything, please credit yourself as the author.

3. Please just favorite this blog for teammates.

4. Do not link in blog to keep in confidential to other FYP team. (Now you have the right to link it to your blog. :)

5. For outsiders visiting this blog, please do not copy any of our contents or photographs without all our teammates permission. Offenders will be reported.

6. Lastly, please practice PROFESSIONALISM.

7. To copy logbook:
meeting 1 - 13 august

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

meeting 2 - 17 august 2009

Time: 4.15pm - 4.45pm

Anti-microbial test (well and disk diffusion method)
Culture medium:
- approximately doing 50 petri dishes and 750ml of broth
- LB 50g + agar 18.75g
- 50 petri dishes; 5 rows

Bacteria strain:
- E. coli
- Staphylococcus (subject to availability)

- Saline: 4.5g NaCl to make 500ml 0.9% saline (for serial dilutions to count bacteria CFU)
- Filter paper
- Straws

- Spectrophotometer
- Biology Safety Cabinet
- Incubator Shaker

- Spreaders
- Inoculating loops
- Forceps
- Conical flasks
- Spatula
- Glass bottles
- Measuring cylinders
- Falcon tubes
- Aluminum foils
- Markers for labeling
- Weighing machine and weighing boats
- Masking tape and autoclave tape
- Micropipettes
- Parafilm

How to extract Ginger and lemon grass based on the journal you going to share tomorrow? Processor? Blender? Or using some chemicals to extract it. Please share this tomorrow so please find out to complete the material list too. Thank you.