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Thursday, August 27, 2009

updates about muslin cloth

Hello people!

I've found something about Muslin Cloth!! We can order in online if we really really want it. But I think it's just a plain cloth though. I want to post the picture of it but I guess blogger is giving problems (as usual). So I guess you all have to take a look at it yourself. Simply just click the link below. That will do the trick. It will just take 1 min. I promise.

Muslin Cloth:

Besides that, I guess I've found the answer to Aliza's Golden question to Why we need to sun dry for like 1 pathetic week?

Basically, If there is moisture, there is tendency to grow molds? I guess so. That's why we need to dry it and really SUN DRY it for 1 week. Oh! and 1 week is because a typical ginger need at least 1 week to reach a moisture content of 7.8% to 8.8%, which is the standard percentage for drying the ginger.

There is another part about storing the Ginger too. I hope you guys take a look at it. Again, I've print screen the website to post it here but I just can't post pictures right now. (Blogger problems, again) So! do take note on part 2.2 Washing, "killing", drying and also 2.4 Storage in this website here.

Alright! I'm done here. Doo take a look at those 2 websites especially the drying part.