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meeting 1 - 13 august

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

meeting 14 - 11 september

Time: 9.30-10.30am

What do we gather?
1. Bacteria on the plates are confluent. There is no isolated colonies found even for the 10^7.
2. Plate A-10^7 is missing. Can'r be found anywhere. (might have been misplaced)
3. Ironically there is absolutely no bacteria growth on B-10^7 but there is confluent growth on C-10^7. That should no be the case.
4. There is something wrong with the pattern of the bacteria growth. It is only on one side or not evenly lawned.
5. Bacteria growth on all the plates are not as we wanted.

Possible reasons why it happen:
- Plates were not lawned/spreaded properly
- There might be a mixed up in the spreading of the dilution.
- Bacteria in the tubes might have growth by the time we did the spread plate as we waited from 1+pm all the way to 4+pm to spread and left the serial dilution solutions all in the BSC. (which might lead to the confluent growth)

Corrective measures/next plan of action:
- We need to do the serial dilution again. (this time, do not rush when spreading and bacteria are spread immediately after doing serial dilution. no waiting. time planning people)

*note: I didnt take pictures of the serial dilution plates cos it look awfully disgusting and it just hurt me just to take pictures of our failures.