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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ohh nooooo

FYP had been hectic these few days.

As of today, early in the morning I got a call from Aliza and sort of scolding..

*ring ring*

shl: hello?
ali: hello. shila! what time is u all coming?? u said 9.30?!! now what time already you know?? now 9.45 already! where are you??
shl: +aina what time we reach there??+ Ohh ermm.. we at woodlands already..
ali: HUH??!! WHERE??
shl: we at woodlands interchange! +almost shouting+cos she like cannot hear me. =.=
shl: +aina what time??+ ermm. around 10.
ali: WHAT? 10.30???
shl: no.. 10!!!!
ali: oh ok.
shl: ok.

there was no bye or whatever. =.=
and at the point of time, the 903 bus just have to come rather late. or maybe I think becuase we were too anxious already larh. grrr. so scary can?!

when we reach the lab at 10am, we were so scared don’t know what to say. but luckily she didn't scold or something. and i just realize we didn't say sorry or what. brrrr.. and suddenly she stayed in the lab with us the whole time today. REALLY!

Anyway, when other facci (the guy with a very low scary voice) came in our lab, I told aina that we should be glad to have Aliza instead of other PI?? right arfa??

anyway I’m trying to be strong when facing Aliza these few days. and also the lack of manpower....+speechless+ I’m not blaming anyone but how can even ARFA always got SOMETHING on and have to go back early when he is ALWAYS late to turn up early in the morning?? Today he said he was otw when me and Aina were in the MRT. we reach the lab but he is still not there. He arrived about 1hr later larh. Pei, I think he put the eyelash extra long and super mega subtle that’s why it looks natural. that's why need 2hrs to MAKEUP. Walaowei.

ANW! Pei I heard you are not feeling well today. hope you feel better! Come back soon yo!