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meeting 1 - 13 august

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

meeting 27 - 20 october

time: 4.30pm - 6pm
all present

Suggestions of failure:
- wrong experimentation design
- extracting failure
- did not use ginger (pure) immediately
- combination would have cause a better effect

Lime: results shown

Why lime gave the results?
- Properties (Physical/Chemical)

Does lime acidity (pH) has any effect on the zone of inhibition?
If yes, how to prove?

- What causes the inhibition in lime? The active ingredients?

- No consistency in the results. Need to state how much is the different. Double?

* Need to tabulate results!

What cause the different results in the runs?
- storage of extract
- amount
- different people measure (not valid!)
- time of measurement

- Why S.epidymidis? Why use e.coli?

Things need to be done:

- Send Aliza TLC protocol
- Next lab session: Monday, 26th
- Report

1. result of run 3:
Lpg - 1.1cm
nab - 0.9cm

nab - 0.8cm
L - 1.1cm

nab - 2cm
Lpg - 1.5cm

nab - 2.2cm
L - 1.6cm
Leg - 1.1cm

2. summary of all 3 runs:

3. reasons for inconsistency in the result: